London 2017. Thousands of destitute migrants find themselves in limbo without any financial support or ability to return home. They are excluded from welfare benefits and local authority assistance. Most of the charities providing accommodation require housing benefits, which they cannot access. They are also barred from working.

They may have a strong asylum case which has been badly handled, leaving them in limbo. They may be migrant women, sometimes with children, fleeing from abusive and violent partners, unable to access a refuge. They may be young people who have been in London since their early teens, refused the right to go on with their life past 18 years of age.

What is officially termed as ‘no recourse to public funds’ is in fact an exclusion from basic human rights, such as food and shelter, for people who have already fled from war-torn countries and other situations where they have been persecuted for their political or religious beliefs or their membership of a particular social group. The additional prohibition to work puts people in a situation where they truly have no recourse, stripped of all possible means to exist.

Panic overwhelms anyone asking themselves for the first time: ‘Where will I sleep tonight?’ When this becomes a weekly or daily occurrence, no one ever gets used to it. Absolute loneliness appears instead and incapacitating powers take hold. Homelessness opens the way to illness and exploitation.


  1. Meherun

    Hi.I am in very position. If any one can help me to provide accommodation.me and my husband have not any work for long time.my situation is now worsing day by day .plz help

  2. Roberta Zampella

    Hello, My name is Roberta ,I live in Kingston Upon Thames(Surrey). I would be interested in hosting. Can you please let me know when you next information evening/induction will be .
    Many thanks

  3. Fiona Boult

    We are hoping to start a hosting project in Kingston and I would welcome a chance to chat about how we might go about this and/or have a look at some of the documents you use for your hosting project. I have been in contact with Dave Smith of BOAZ. He has been really helpful but also suggested that I should get in contact with you. There is a degree of urgency about this as we have a trustee meeting on Monday evening at which I am hoping to convince them that we can do this realistically. We are hoping to introduce this project as part of our 25th anniversary year and to provide initial funds by means of a fundraising dinner in November (which I also have to sell to the trustees on Monday). In my experience our trustees are pretty cautious so any information you can let me have would be fantastic.
    Many thanks

  4. Anthony Molloy

    Hi there,
    Anthony Molloy, 49 Torbay Road – NW6 7DX.
    I have a spare room for someone that needs it and submitted my criminal records check ages ago (maybe two months) and haven’t heard anything yet. Is that normal?

  5. carolyncrawshaw

    My husband and I would be interested in hosting destitute migrants. How can I.find out more?

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